Antrim County Criminal Attorney

When you work with Antrim County criminal defense attorney Jason Razavi, he goes with you to every court hearing. Your case likely begins with an arraignment. If you’ve already hired Jason, he attends your arraignment with you. From there, criminal defense attorney for Antrim County Jason Razavi helps you at your pre-trial conference and trial. If it’s appropriate in your case to challenge the state’s production of evidence, Jason drafts the necessary paperwork and presents the information at the court hearing.

At all stages of the case, it’s helpful to have an experienced Antrim County criminal defense lawyer on your side. Jason makes sure that you understand what’s going on as your case proceeds through the courts. He wants you to understand how to comply with your bond conditions. If you have any questions about what you should be doing or how to build your case in the best possible light, Jason is ready to answer your questions. Many times, there are things that you can do while you’re waiting for proceedings in your case in order to build your case or prove to the prosecuting attorney and the courts that you deserve leniency.

No case is ever hopeless. Jason knows that good people make mistakes. He finds the good in people. He looks for solutions. When you work with Jason, you’ll talk about your goals for the case. Some people want their case to resolve as quickly as possible. Others want to take their case to trial. Whatever your needs, Jason is here to help you make a plan o pursue your case in the best possible way.

In Antrim County, misdemeanor cases go to the 86th District Court. A misdemeanor case is punishable by up to one year in jail. You don’t have to worry about prison for a misdemeanor case. A felony case begins in the 86th District Court and then goes to the 13th Circuit Court. Antrim County shares a court system with Leelanau and Grand Traverse. Jason practices law in all of these courts.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, criminal defense lawyer in Antrim County Jason Razavi is ready to fight for you. He can help you address the charges in the best possible way. Bring your questions and your concerns, and let Jason help. When your loved ones depend on you, you can depend on Jason.

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