Driver License Restoration

If you have lost your privilege to drive a vehicle in the State of Michigan because of drunk driving convictions or medical disability our team of Drivers License Restoration lawyers might be able to petition the Secretary of State to give you a full or limited license. We know how difficult it is to live in Northern Michigan without a license and will take the stress out of petitioning for your privileges by providing you a road map for success. We’re the Drivers License Restoration attorneys that give your case the individual attention that you need to succeed.

We know why the Secretary of State denies people their licenses, and we know what it takes to obtain a positive result. Unlike other law firms, we don’t just help prepare paperwork. Razavi Law will advise, review, and attend your hearing so that you can be successful the first time you try. Few law firms specialize in driver’s license restoration and you have been without a license long enough. Northern Michigan has a leader. Call (231) 486-6366.

Our Driver’s License Restoration practice is statewide. We have represented clients throughout Michigan.