Traverse City Personal Injury Attorney

Are you looking for a Traverse City personal injury attorney? Let Jason Razavi evaluate your case. Jason has years of experience in the 86th District Court and the 13th Circuit Court. When you need a Traverse City personal injury lawyer, Jason can give your case the attention that you need in order to get the result that you deserve.

In most cases, your claim begins when you file your case in the appropriate court. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to send a demand letter before you file. The right personal injury lawyer in Traverse City can help you determine the best strategy for pursuing your case. When you formally file your claim, it’s important to draft your pleasing documents carefully. If you don’t file your original claim accurately, you may miss out on the chance to prove some types of compensation.

Another important reason to work with an experienced Northern Michigan personal injury attorney is to have a skilled negotiator on your side. The right attorney knows when to argue and when to present information. They know when a negotiation is going somewhere, and they know when it’s time to take your case to court. Negotiations can be stressful, but the right Northern Michigan personal injury lawyer can take the stress away from you and handle negotiations with the other side.

The vast majority of personal injury claims settle before trial. Having a personal injury attorney in Northern Michigan on your side means having a person to work with you to help you understand when you should take your case to trial and when to accept a fair resolution before trial. That way, you know that you’ve done everything that you can to maximize your potential recovery.

Jason handles cases throughout Michigan. Whether you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in Traverse City, a personal injury attorney in Leelanau, Antrim, Kalkaska, Bellaire, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Beulah, Cadillac, Manistee or Grayling, Jason can help. There’s no case too big or too small as Jason fights on your behalf for justice for you.

If you’ve been hurt because of the actions of someone else, contact Jason today. He offers compassionate and aggressive representation for deserving victims like you.

There’s no cost to call. Call Jason at (231) 486-6366 and get started on your case.