Traverse City Criminal Attorney

If you’re looking for a Traverse City criminal attorney, Jason Razavi has been representing clients throughout Northern Michigan for years. He’s helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life who are facing the Michigan legal system. Let him be the Traverse City criminal lawyer that helps you during this trying time.

Jason begins by getting to know you. The best criminal attorneys in Traverse City don’t take the police’s word for it about what happened. Instead, they learn about the case from you. In most cases, law enforcement doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, Jason starts by listening to the client and building the case.

When you work with Jason and his Traverse City criminal lawyer team, he attends all court hearings with you. The first step is to set favorable bond conditions with the court so that you can remain free to help him build the case. Then, Jason gets to work gathering evidence.

Jason gets busy making phone calls to witnesses. He reviews video or audio recordings if they exist. With a critical eye, Jason reviews all of the details of the case to see where the police made errors. The result is that you have a carefully reviewed case, and you’ve explored all avenues for your defense.

Working with Jason means that you get an aggressive, enthusiastic and sympathetic advocate. Jason knows that working with the 86th District Court or 13th Circuit Court can be a harrowing experience. That’s why he’s ready to advocate on your behalf. Jason wants you to understand all of your options. He thoroughly explains how the law applies to your case. When you know what the laws say about the case, you can make smart decisions about how to resolve your case. Every case is different, so Jason makes sure that your case gets the time and attention that it deserves.

If you’re facing a criminal charge in Traverse City, call criminal attorney Jason Razavi at (231) 486-6366. There’s no cost to call. Phones are answered 24-7. We look forward to working with you.