Wexford Criminal Attorney

There’s a Wexford County criminal attorney that’s ready to fight for you. Jason Razavi is an aggressive and determined criminal attorney in Wexford County that enjoys helping people address the adversary of a criminal charge. A criminal charge can have lasting consequences. How you handle the situation can affect you for years to come.

It’s important to build your case when you’re facing a criminal charge. Jason conducts a thorough investigation in every case. He demands a copy of the police report from the prosecutor’s office. But he doesn’t just stop there. Instead, he uses that as a launching point to conduct his own investigation. He picks up the phone and talks to witnesses. He tracks down evidence. He leaves no stone unturned.

Once Jason and his criminal attorney in Wexford County team have built your case from the ground up, he works with you to make a game plan for the best possible plan for your case. You may need to file preliminary motions. You can address the case with the court before trial if you believe law enforcement wants to admit inadmissible evidence. You can raise issues if law enforcement violated your constitutional rights.

A serious case requires a serious defense. If your case goes to trial, Jason is ready to pull out all of the stops to give you the best possible defense. A criminal trial begins with picking the jury. It’s critical to make sure that the people on the jury can be fair. Jason has questions to ask them in order to make sure that they will decide your case in a fair way.

Once you pick the jury, Jason challenges law enforcement’s presentation of the evidence. Then, it’s your turn to tell your side to the jury. You’ll spend time with Jason preparing in order to make sure that you’re ready for every twist and turn. He speaks on your behalf and makes opening and closing statements for you.

If you’re facing a criminal charge in Wexford County, Jason and his team of Wexford criminal lawyers can help. Your call is free. Call Jason at (231) 486-6366 today.