Traverse City Expungement Attorneys

Our team of Traverse City expungement attorneys can help you bring your petition to have your criminal conviction removed from the public record. If you’re tired of living with a criminal conviction on your record, we can help you do what it takes in order to have the record expunged. As Traverse City expungement lawyers, we enjoy helping clients bring their case and reach a good result.

An expungement is a several step process. Our team of expungement attorneys in Traverse City has been there before. It’s important to work carefully to avoid the errors that can stand in your way. There’s a great deal of paperwork involved, and we’re up to the task for you.

We can help you understand if you qualify to have an expungement. If you qualify, it’s important to draft your petition carefully. You must gather certified records of your criminal history and the records you want to have expunged. You must serve the paperwork on the county prosecuting attorney where you want to have the case removed from the public record. You must also serve other people. Fingerprints are another important part of your petition.

When you work with our expungement lawyers in Traverse City, we carefully draft your expungement petition. Each piece of paperwork gets our attention, and we make sure that we send it to the right places. When there are things that you need to do, we give you a step by step guide to make it simple.

On court day, we’re there by your side. We’re ready to make the case to the judge about why your petition should be expunged. If you’d like to live your life again without your criminal record weighing you down

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