Benzie County License Restoration Attorney

Benzie County isn’t an easy place to live without a driver’s license. That’s why you need a team of Benzie license restoration attorneys to help you get your license back and get back on track. Whether you live in Beulah, Frankfort, Thompsonville or Lake Ann, it’s hard to go anywhere without a license. Fortunately, Jason Razavi is the Benzie County license restoration attorney that’s here and ready to help.

When you appeal for a license, you go to the Secretary of State. With your Benzie license restoration lawyer, you work with your attorney to present the case or why you’re going to be a careful driver. You start by showing them that some time has passed. You show them what you’ve been doing during that time to treat any substance abuse problem that you’ve had. You also get letters from friends, family members, clergy and even employers who are willing to state that you’re a responsible person who deserves to be back on the road.

You compile all of this information. Your Benzie County license restoration lawyer works with you to prepare a petition for reinstatement. The petition needs to contain specific information about your license. Then, your petition goes to the Secretary of State. You get a hearing date. When you work with Jason and his team, you’ll spend time with Jason directly preparing for your hearing. That way, you can walk into the hearing knowing what’s about to happen. Rest assured, you have an experienced expert on your side.

If you’re in Benzie County and you’re ready to have a license, contact us. We’re ready to help. Consider us your coach and your teammate as we work together to get you back on the road.

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