Traverse City Driver’s License Attorney

When you work with Traverse City driver’s license attorney Jason Razavi, he helps you each step of the way. From the very first meeting, Jason wants you to understand what you need to do in order to be successful in getting your license back. Many cases fail because they don’t have the proper documentation. Wondering if your case might have succeeded if you had done things differently can leave you with a lot of regret. Don’t let that happen. Work with driver’s license attorney Traverse City Jason Razavi and you’re working with an experienced attorney who has years and years of experience in the field.

The key to succeeding at your Driver’s License Restoration Hearing is documenting your case. It’s not enough just to go in and say that you no longer have a substance abuse problem and you want to drive again. Instead, you’ve got to show the driver’s license appeal officer from the Michigan Secretary of State that you’re a safe bet to be a good driver on the roads. To prove your case, you need to gather a great deal of paperwork. The paperwork may include alcohol or drug screens, proof of treatment and letters of support from community members.

A big part of any driver’s license reinstatement hearing is the testimony of the person that wants their license back. You must be able to speak in great detail with the hearing officer about your substance abuse, recovery and plan for continued sobriety. This means being able to talk about alcoholism or drug addiction and your new support system to avoid offending again.

Attorney Jason Razavi has helped many clients just like you. In fact, as an experienced driver’s license lawyer in Traverse City, one of Jason’s favorite things is to call clients with the good news that they have a reinstated license. Jason knows what strategies work. He can help create a strategy for you in order to help you present a strong case.

Jason is a graduate of Cooley Law School’s famed innocence project. He’s passionate about finding the good in people.

If you want a valid license, call Jason at (231) 486-6366. There’s no cost to call. Please call today.