How do I get my license back? Our Michigan driver’s license attorneys can help!

Are you ready to get your driver’s license back in Michigan? Our team of Michigan driver’s license attorneys can help you prove your case. To bring a petition for a driver’s license, you bring your case to the Secretary of State. You don’t start by going to a criminal court. Instead, you go to the Secretary of State in order to bring your case. If you don’t like the decision from the Secretary of State, you can appeal to the local court. However, the case starts with the Secretary of State.

It’s up to you to prove your case. You have to show that you don’t have any problem with substance abuse. You have to show that you haven’t had any substance abuse related criminal convictions for a period of time before you apply. If you lost your license because of drunk driving convictions, you have to show that you don’t have any kind of continuing substance abuse problem, and you’re not likely to have a relapse.

Our team of Michigan license restoration attorneys represents you at your hearing before the Driver’s License Appeal Division of the Secretary of State. Your hearing officer is a trained professional who specializes in driver’s license appeal hearings. That means, the know to look for certain things when they’re listening to your case and trying to make a decision on whether to grant you a driver’s license. When you work with our driver’s license appeal attorneys in Michigan, we can help you show the information in a way that’s effective.

You have to show the hearing officer that they’re doing the right thing by giving you a driver’s license. You must show that you no longer have a substance abuse problem. You have to convince them that you’re not likely to reoffend in the future with a drunk driving conviction.

There are things that you can do to show the judge, and as your driver’s license appeal lawyers in Michigan, we’re ready to help you understand what you need to do and do it properly. You need to get letters of recommendation from people who can tell the referee about your behavior since your latest convictions. You have to have documentation that you’re not using drugs or alcohol. Usually this documentation comes in the form of proof of attendance at meetings or counseling to address a substance abuse issue.

When you work with our skilled Michigan attorneys to get your license back, you have a teammate who knows how to play the game. We know how it works, and we can help you capitalize on things that may make your case successful. At your hearing, we’re confident, and we know how to ask the right questions. We help you understand all of your options so that you can take the right steps at each stage of the case.

If you’re ready to drive again, contact us. We’re ready to help. Call our Michigan license reinstatement attorneys at (231) 486-6366 for a complementary and confidential discussion of your case.