Traverse City License Suspension Attorney

If you’re looking for a license suspension attorney in Traverse City, Jason Razavi may be the person you’re looking for. He knows what it takes to make your driver’s license appeal successful. He’s ready to fight on your behalf so that you can have your license reinstated and get lawfully back on the road.

What your options are depends on the reasons for your license suspension. If you lose your license because of multiple drunk driving convictions, you have to wait a period of time before you can drive again. This waiting period may be a year or more.

However, even if you’re facing a license suspension of a year or more, you should work with an attorney for license suspension in Traverse City in order to use your time wisely. You should spend that year abstaining from using alcohol or drugs. You should document your sobriety with voluntary alcohol testing or drug testing.

You should spend the time attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. You should get a sponsor. In most cases, it’s also wise to work with a counselor in order to make sure you’ve made the necessary changes in order to prevent a relapse.

You may have also lost your license for a medical reason. A license suspension lawyer in Traverse City can help you determine the best course of action for proving that you’ve made the needed changes and addressed your medical problem. You’ll need significant medical documentation, and your lawyer for license suspension in Traverse City can help you gather the paperwork that you need in order to show the Secretary of State that you’re qualified to have a valid license.

If you’re ready to be a licensed driver again, call license lawyer Jason Razavi. He cares about his clients, and he’s ready to give your case the time and attention you deserve in order to win your case.

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