How Our Traverse City Criminal Lawyers Work for You

When you’re accused of a crime, you might wonder what your Traverse City criminal lawyer does for you. Our Traverse City criminal attorney team goes above and beyond to help each client pursue their case as aggressively as possible. Here’s what you should expect your criminal lawyer in Traverse City to do for you:

Work on your case right away

When you’re up against a criminal charge, time is of the essence.
When you lose time, you lose evidence.
We get to work on your case right away to preserve critical evidence.

Address bond

You need to have a bond amount that’s reasonable. You need to have conditions that you can comply with in order to remain free and help us build your case. If you need to adjust to terms of your bond, we can approach the judge to help show them why you deserve favorable bond conditions.

Talk to witnesses

Our training and experience help us approach witnesses in a way that’s helpful. The police work to build their case against you. They don’t always want to hear everything that a witness has to say. We go above and beyond to identify witnesses and get to the true story.

Gather evidence

A case isn’t built on witness testimony alone. We don’t rely on the police to give you evidence that’s favorable to you. Instead, we make sure we identify evidence and carefully examine the pieces of evidence that the state wants to use against you.

Ask for dismissal or negotiate a non-trial resolution

In some cases, we ask the court to dismiss the case against you. That might apply when the police didn’t follow the rules and gathered evidence in an unconstitutional way. In other cases, we can gather the evidence to convince the state’s attorney that you deserve leniency.

Help you decide the best course of action

Our team of Traverse City criminal lawyers helps you decide whether you should take your case to trial, file a preliminary motion or negotiate a resolution. You’re in the driver’s seat, and the ultimate decision is up to you. However, we help you understand the pros and cons of each course of action.

Try the case

If it’s best to take your case to trial, we’re ready to go. We’re ready to interview potential jurors, present your arguments and question witnesses. When you walk into court, you have our enthusiastic team by your side.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact our Traverse City criminal lawyers today. We’re standing by to fight for justice for you.