If you’re looking for a way to get your license back after it’s been revoked because of drunk driving offenses, the team at Razavi Law, PLLC prides ourselves on being leaders in Michigan driver’s license revocation attorney services. When you lose your license, you want to do everything that you can to have the best chances to have it restored. Jason Razavi and his legal team have years of experience handling Michigan driver’s license restoration cases throughout the state. They’re ready to be your teammate as you work towards reinstatement of your license.

Our experience can go to work on your behalf. We know what works and what doesn’t for your Driver License Appeal Division hearing. Our team knows the right questions to ask so that you can tell the hearing officer about positive changes that you’ve made that make you a strong candidate to get your license back in Michigan. We’re proud of our success and the difference that we’ve made for our Michigan license restoration clients.

Preparation is key

You don’t run a marathon without training for it. You don’t make a speech without a little bit of advanced preparation. At Razavi Law, we believe that training is critical for your Michigan driver’s license restoration hearing. Our preparation starts long before your hearing day. We make sure that you know what you need to do in the time leading up to your hearing. Expect us to spend a lot of time learning about you. We have expert substance abuse evaluators and other helpful professionals that can help you document your sobriety in a convincing way. We pour over your recommendation letters to make sure that they’re addressing the right things.

How long does it take?

No two cases are the same, so we start by talking to you about your case. If you’re eligible for license restoration right away, we prepare the paperwork as quickly as we can and file your case. In some cases, you’re back on the road in as little as two months. In other cases, you might have some work to do before you file such as attending alcoholics anonymous or working on a documentable support system and sobriety plan. In a perfect world, a case can take about ten weeks from start to finish, but as your Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys, we’re willing to stand by you however long it takes.

What can I expect?

Since we’ve helped hundreds of people restore your Michigan driver’s license, we know the problems that people have when they try to go it alone. In most cases, these mistakes are avoidable. If you don’t know what the Secretary of State Driver’s License Appeal Division wants to hear, you might not prepare your paperwork in the right away. You might not bring the right documentation or the right amount of paperwork. You might not be prepared for the questions that the hearing officer will ask at your hearing. You might think that you can go it alone without an attorney.

Don’t make this mistake! If you try to go it alone and you’re unsuccessful, you might have to wait for up to a year to try again. That can mean lost opportunities for work. In fact, you stand to lose far more in lost opportunities that you would ever spend on an attorney! Let our experience be your best weapon as you create a plan for success on the first try.

We take the stress away

Any kind of official hearing can be stressful. When you work with us, you walk into your hearing with a skilled Michigan license restoration lawyer on your side. That takes the pressure off of you so that you don’t have to worry about missing important steps during the hearing. Helping good people get back on the road is what we do best, and we enjoy being the voice for people who want to put their best foot forward at their driver license restoration hearing. When we open up that envelope to read that you’ve received your license back, we celebrate right along with you.

Are you eligible?

The first step to your Michigan driver’s license reinstatement is to determine whether you’re eligible to get your license back. That means that we want to talk with you about the reasons that you don’t have a license. We evaluate how long your mandatory suspension is and when you’re eligible to apply for reinstatement. Usually this means waiting at least one year from the time you lost your license. It usually also means that you’re able to say that you’ve been completely sober from alcohol and drugs for at least a year.

When we meet with you, we talk to you in detail about what to expect at your hearing. We go through the time frame of the case and the different possible results. You ask us all of the questions that you have about the process. If you’re not able to meet with us in person, we can talk to you over the phone. We’re proud to be the license restoration attorneys that represent clients throughout the State of Michigan.

Evaluating your risks

Part of what we do as your Michigan license restoration lawyers is refer you to our substance abuse evaluator for a review. They will meet with you and get to know you. They will ask you about the criminal convictions that led to your license suspension. They will want to know that you’ve made positive changes in your life, and they’ll talk about how you stay sober. Once you’ve met with them, they’ll complete a report.

This evaluation is critical to success at your Michigan driver license restoration hearing. We make sure that your evaluation is complete and that it addresses all of the most important issues for the hearing officer. Then, we make sure that it’s part of the evidence that the Secretary of State officer has at their disposal when they evaluate your case. This evaluate can be extremely helpful when it comes to successfully restoring your license.

Letters from family and friends

The next step is to collect letters of support. Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers can write letters on your behalf. These letters can talk about ways that you contribute to the community. They should verify your sobriety if they’re able to talk about their observations. When we work with a Michigan driver license restoration client, we make sure that you know what things need to be in these letters. The right letters can make a big difference when it’s time for the hearing officer to make a decision. Having our Michigan driver license lawyer team on your side means that your letters are fine-tuned and reviewed for content before we submit them to the Secretary of State.

Practice for your hearing

What’s the fourth step in Alcoholics Anonymous? That’s just one example of a question that you need to be able to answer. You never know what the hearing officer might ask. Once you’ve done all of the work to prepare your application for license reinstatement and submit it for a hearing, you want to do your absolute best at the hearing. Our Michigan get my license back attorneys are ready to spend time with you to make sure that you feel prepared for any of the questions that a hearing officer might ask. You’ll have a special appointment with us to prepare for your hearing. This preparation takes time, but we’re ready to work with you so that you can do your best job at the hearing. This preparation can give you confidence, too.

Attending the hearing

When the big day arrives, our Michigan license lawyers are right by your side. We’re ready to ask the right questions and respond to the hearing officer’s requests for information. Sometimes the hearing officer asks for more information, so we’re ready to help you to respond to a request like that if it happens.


If you’re successful, that can mean a number of things. You might receive a full restoration of your license. You may receive a restricted license that allows you to drive for only certain purposes. You might receive a license that comes with a requirement that you use an interlock ignition devices that requires breath tests when you start your vehicle. Whatever the situation, we help you understand the details of your order so that you’re sure to be in compliance. Then, we help you
celebrate another successful case with the help of Razavi Law, PLLC and our team of enthusiastic Michigan license restoration attorneys.

Let’s work together

If you’re ready to get back on the road, call us at (231) 486-6366. We’re experienced Michigan get my licence back attorneys, and we can’t wait to help you. The sooner you call us the sooner we can get started working together. Please contact us today.