If you’re one of the millions of Americans hurt in a car accident each year, you may wonder about the best course of action and whether you should hire a Traverse City accident lawyer. You might wonder whether you should hire a car accident attorney in Traverse City or try to go it alone. The answer is that you should always work with an experienced Traverse City accident attorney. You can get your quality of life back with the right Traverse City car accident lawyer. Here are five ways that your attorney can help you get your life back on track after a car accident:

1. They can investigate and build your case

An accident attorney Traverse City has ways to get to the bottom of what caused the accident. They can demand police reports, interview witnesses and gather records. Your accident lawyer Traverse City likely has a working relationship with one or more accident reconstruction experts that can help them recreate the scene to evaluate what happened. They don’t just take the police report at face value. Rather, they investigate, question and document until they have a complete picture.

Skilled attorneys learn how to gather information effectively. They know what questions to ask and how to ask them. They know how to prepare legal documents to ask for records in the right ways. This process is critical to building a strong case on your behalf.

2. An attorney knows the damages you can recover

Many people are surprised to learn all of the different ways that they can recover when they’re hurt in a traffic crash. Recovery for medical bills is only one type of recovery that may be available in the case. You may also be able to recover for lost income, pain and suffering, loss of a loved one’s companionship and other losses. In some cases, you can recover extra damages to punish the other side for bad behavior. The right Traverse City personal injury attorney can help you identify and document these different types of damages in order to maximize your recovery.

3. They can help you fight a ticket or criminal charge

In addition to your injuries, you may receive a traffic ticket after a car accident. In some cases, you might face criminal charges for reckless driving, drunk driving or another criminal traffic infraction. These charges can bring jail time, a suspended driver’s license, points on your driver’s license and increased insurance costs. Your attorney when you’re hurt in Traverse City can help you fight these charges.

4. Experience matters

Your attorney’s experience works to your benefit. If the other side offers to settle the case, your attorney knows if it’s in your best interests to take the deal. Their experience also helps them skillfully negotiate with the other side in order to convince them to offer you a fair recovery. Seeing the case through the lens of experience can help you make the right decisions as your case moves through the courts.

5. They take the pressure off

Getting hurt is stressful. Fighting for a fair recovery is even more stressful. When you work with a Traverse City car accident attorney, they take care of the pressure and the important deadlines that come with handling the legal case.

Your attorney makes sure to prepare your court papers precisely so that you claim all of the damages you deserve. Your attorney makes sure that court filings go to the proper courts. They keep track of deadlines and make important decisions about strategy. When you work with the right attorney, all you have to worry about is your recovery.

The right attorney is your advocate and teammate. Their training and experience can help you bring your case in a way that maximizes your chances for recovery. They can also give you the confidence to know that you’re making the best possible choices each step of the way. Contact us at (231) 486-6366 to talk about your case.