In Northern Michigan, it’s hard to live without a State of Michigan driver’s license. We don’t have public commuter trains like a large city, and it can be very hard to get to work or spend time at family and friends when you don’t have a valid operator’s license. There are a lot of ways that your driver’s license might be suspended or revoked by the State of Michigan, and not always because of a criminal conviction.

We Can Help You Get Your License Back

If you’re without a drivers license in Northern Michigan, our team of Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyers want to help you get your license back. Whether you have a license suspension because of a medical issue, because of drunk driving (Operating While Intoxicated or OWI or Driving Under the Influence or DUI), other substance abuse issues or because of Driving While License Suspended convictions, we may be able to help. Please contact us by phone or by message and we can talk about your case. There’s never any cost to meet with us to talk about the best options in your case.

Our team has helped hundreds of people just like you. We’re Northern Michigan license restoration attorneys. We’ve helped clients from all over Northern Michigan get their licenses back. We handle cases throughout Michigan including Grand Traverse County, Antrim, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Emmet, Benzie, Manistee, Wexford, Otsego and more. In fact, we’re happy to represent a Michigan license restoration client anywhere in the state.

When we meet with you, we discuss a plan to get your license back. Our skilled and experienced team takes the time to answer all of your questions. We have a proven step-by-step way to go about a license restoration case. We help you prepare for your hearing and we represent you at your Michigan driver license restoration hearing.

The sooner you contact us the better. We offer a free drivers license restoration consultation in every case. In some cases, it can take some time to get a hearing date. It might take as much as two months to get a date for your hearing. So if you’re wondering – How do I get my license back Traverse City – or any other location in Michigan, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start the process to help you.

How does a lawyer help me?

The team of license restoration attorneys at Razavi Law helps our clients by making sure that you present all of the information that you need in order to succeed in getting your license back. We have a thorough understanding of all of the steps involved in presenting your petition for reinstatement successfully. We make sure that your paperwork is done right the first time. If you need to go to a Circuit Court instead of an administrative hearing officer, we carefully prepare the court papers. We get to know you. Our cases are never the same, so you’re not a number. We make sure the judge knows about all of the relevant circumstances in your case. Whether you’re in Traverse City, Leelanau, Benzie, Frankfort, Antrim, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Cadillac or Kalkaska, we’re eager to help you.

It’s Important to Get It Right

If you miss important steps in your license restoration application, you can lose precious time. You may not be able to submit another petition for a year. That makes it important to make sure that you do your very best to restore your driving privileges the very first time you file your petition. A Secretary of State driving appeal is never easy, but our team works to make sure that you’re in the best position possible legally. Our team has been there many times before, and we enjoy helping each client.

Our first question is why your license is suspended. A Traverse City license restoration lawyer needs to know what the problem is in order to come up with a remedy. You might have had repeat criminal convictions. Even a drug conviction can come with a license suspension. You can also suffer a revocation of your Michigan driver’s license if you have repeat drunk driving convictions. This is called an Operating While Intoxicated license revocation in Michigan but it’s called a DUI license revocation or DWI license revocation in other places.

Suspensions and Revocations

If you get a revocation because of drunk driving, you’ve usually gotten two drunk driving offenses in seven years. If that’s the case, your minimum license suspension period is one year. If your license gets suspended again within seven years you can’t get your license back for at least five years.

Suspensions and revocations are different things. A suspension is a temporary loss of your license. After a driver’s license suspension, you can file paperwork to reinstate your license. This isn’t fun, but it’s automatic. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t get your license back if you file the right paperwork and pay a reinstatement fee to the Secretary of State. You know the exact dates of the suspension.

Once you’ve waited out your minimum suspension period, you can apply to the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division. It’s also called the DAAD. It used ot be the DLAD or Drivers License Appeal Division. They have to approve your reinstatement. They must conclude that you’re sober and that you won’t drink and drive again. It’s up to you to prove it, so you need a substance abuse assessment and letters of support from families and friends.

This is where most people go wrong. They don’t get the right proof that they need in order to convince the hearing officer that they’ve overcome their substance abuse issues. It’s up to you to prove it. This is where we help. We make sure that you do it all properly the first time.

Let’s Work Together

At Razavi Law, our team helps from beginning to end with your license reinstatement petition. We make sure you thoroughly understand what you need to document in order to succeed in your efforts to get your license back. We tell you what you need for your documents. If they aren’t sufficient, we can help you with changes before they’re submitted to the hearing officer. When you get a hearing date, we sit down with you and take time to prepare. A driver’s license restoration hearing is not the time for surprises. It’s important to us that you now what to expect. Your hearing goes much better when you know what to expect from your license restoration hearing.

If you’re tired of living without a license, contact the team at Razavi Law. We’re committing to helping you achieve success as you try to get your license back Northern Michigan. Contact us today so we can talk about your case.