In Michigan, you can lose your driver’s license for a number of different traffic offenses. A first drunk driving conviction results in a standard license suspension of thirty days. After you serve the thirty days of your suspended license, you can get a restricted license. You have to follow the terms of your license restrictions for another 150 days. There are many other penalties that come with a first drunk driving conviction. These include jail time, fees and points on your license.

Motorists in Michigan know that it’s hard to live without a driver’s license. There isn’t a lot of public transportation to go around in Michigan, so we rely on our cars to get to work, school, the grocery store and a host of other places. It’s not practical to take the bus if you suddenly find yourself without a driver’s license. When your Michigan driver’s license is suspended, it can be hard to get everything done.

If you face a second drunk driving conviction, your license is gone for at least a year. You can also lose your license for a year if you’re convicted of driving with a high blood alcohol content (High BAC or commonly called super drunk). You can also lose your license for a year if you fail to take the DataMaster test when it’s offered to you at the police station.

At Razavi Law, we understand that it’s hard to live with a suspended license. Whether you lost your license because of multiple drunk driving offenses or because you refused to take a DataMaster test as part of a drunk driving investigation, it’s hard to live without a license in a state without much public transportation. You need to work to get your driver’s license back.

Driver’s license reinstatement isn’t easy. You have to show the State of Michigan that you deserve to have your license back. There are many steps to convincing the State of Michigan that you’re a good risk on the roads.

Depending on the reason that you lost your driver’s license, you might have to file paperwork very quickly to challenge in the conviction. If you lost your license because you refused the breath test, you have fourteen days to submit the paperwork to challenge the suspension. Even if you don’t think you have grounds to challenge the suspension, it’s important to speak with a Traverse City license reinstatement lawyer anyways. There might be things that you can do to negotiate to get your license back or even to challenge the state’s case against you. The police might not have read you your chemical tests properly or they might have made other errors that can mean that they can’t prove the license suspension case against you.

In addition, in some cases you can get a full or restricted driver’s license because of hardship. Some judges in Northern Michigan are sympathetic to the fact that it’s hard to live in our area without motor vehicle transportation. In addition, if you have medical needs, family obligations or if you need to drive for work, you might be surprised just how understanding judges are when you ask them for a full or restricted license. We handle cases in the following counties: Antrim, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Benzie, Manistee, Wexford, Emmet and all other counties in Northern Michigan. We know the judges in Northern Michigan and we regularly appear in court. That makes our experience invaluable for you in terms of presenting your case in a way that the judge can understand.

Our team has years of experience helping hundreds of satisfied clients restore their driver’s licenses. No two cases are exactly alike, so we take the time to get to know you and then make a game plan for how to work at restoring your operator’s license in Northern Michigan. If you lost your license because of a moving violation, you might have to sit out a waiting period. Even so, you might be able to negotiate a resolution that doesn’t result in a license suspension.

For example, if you’re charged with driving while license suspended or driving on a suspended license, you can ask the prosecuting attorney to allow you to plead to no operator license on person or another offense that doesn’t have points. In the end, that could mean that you have no suspension at all. Many state prosecutors are happy to clear their busy docket, and we’re able to meet with the prosecutor to convince them that you deserve a favorable plea resolution.

In other cases, it’s in your best interest to ask for a trial on your traffic offense or suspended license criminal charge. The police may have made mistakes or cut corners. The result might be a complete defense to the charges against you.

If a moving violation brings too many points against your license, that can be another reason that you face a suspension. Even so, there are ways that your Grand Traverse license reinstatement attorney can help you work to reduce the penalties that you face from the Secretary of State or from the Northern Michigan courts. Your Northern Michigan license reinstatement lawyer evaluates your case and helps you make a plan to defend your Michigan driver’s license.

If you’ve been convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses, you probably have a waiting period before you can apply to reinstate your driver’s license. During that time, there are things that you need to do in order to show the state that you’ve cured whatever behavior led you to get repeat OWI, DUI or DWI offense. You have to prove that you’ve conquered your substance abuse issues. You’ll need to meet with a counselor who can write a statement that you’re doing well to address your drug or alcohol use. Usually, you need to attend alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous. You also need to show that you have family and friends who can speak to changes in your lifestyle. It’s important to work with your license reinstatement lawyer to make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to reinstate your Michigan driver’s license.

When you work with our team of Northern Michigan license attorneys, we guide you through every aspect of your license reinstatement case. We take the time to get to know you, and we give you honest, straightforward advice about how to make the most of your case. Your Michigan driver’s license restoration case means so much to you so it means so much to us, too. Our first meeting is always free. Call us today..

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